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As a new decade begins, I was pondering over Robert Kiyosaki’s quote – “Don’t work for money, make it work for you“. Though many of you may have heard this quote, it is an evident fact that majority of people lack financial awareness and cannot utilize their money’s full potential.

Why stash your money in banks when even the tiniest effort can give you higher rewards? Indians have a misconception that all Mutual Funds are risky, which isn’t true at all. Each individual is different, & respecting that, there are various choices for every type of person.

1) Imagine you are a salaried individual who may/may not belong to a Finance background. You are planning to start SIPs in MFs,

2) You desire 10% p.a. returns with a maximum loss (worst case) capped at 20% of your investment, and are looking for a 5 year investment horizon,

3) Most apps will show you top funds of each category (equity, debt, hybrid etc.) based on 1, 3, 5-yr returns, but how do you decide how much to invest in which type and which funds?

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